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Little Rock Rangers Hold First Tryout For Inaugural Team

January 9, 2016

The LR Rangers held their first round of tryouts on Saturday, 1/9/16. 133 players participated, and 25 were invited to the initial pool for the inaugural team. The rest of the pool will be filled out with further evaluation in both team training sessions and the final tryout on 4/2/16.

Click HERE for a link to the photo gallery. Photo credit to Lizzy Yates Photography and Christopher J. Rodgers.

The first pool players are...

Jordan Bates
Carlos Beltran
Adan Carvajal
Nicholas Doyle
Andy Flores
Michiru Forbess
Mauricio Hernandez
Chris Holmes
Josiah Ireland
Cody James
Daltyn Knutson
Eric Martin
Regis Mawire
Alejandro Moqute
Abdulrahman Qadeib
Josh Reed
Trever Reed
TJ Rodriguez
Evan Scarbrough
Rahmi Shawki
Blake Stricker
Sam Tejada
Logan Valestin
Kwan Van der Lara
Jordan White